Drawing Workshop with Artist
Carolyn Curtis Magri


Drawing Workshop with Artist Carolyn Curtis Magri

Carolyn Curtis Magri is lead artist, project manager and co-curator for 60 Drawings + 10 and drawing is primary to her practice as a Fine Artist. She has been exhibiting since 1991, has a BA (Painting), MA in Art and Design and an M. Phil in Fine Art.

About Event

This is a full-day workshop with a break for lunch. During the day, you will explore a drawing technique using embossed paper and a grid as drawing aids. Carolyn will demonstrate her drawing method Inspired by research into forensic processes and point papers used in the textile trade. You will use a range of different pencils to test drawing ideas rather than producing a finished drawing. Materials: Please bring a selection of your favourite pencils from 2H-7B. Other materials will be provided. Beginners are welcome.

Additional notes
Paper conservation talk by Melissa Hughes from Atelier Hughes, Waterloo, Brussels.
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